Monday, December 22, 2008

Financial Freedom

So you may wonder, why do I want to get out of debt and put money in savings? What's up with that? I do some talking on here about "financial freedom" and that's my end goal, but what does that really mean?

There isn't a hard and fast definition for financial freedom but to me it means having the ability to choose where and when I work and what I do without regards to money. It also means not owing anything to anyone except the debt of love (Romans 1:14). I would like to reach the place where I can give freely to those who need it. Although I do give now, I'm not able to give as much as I'd like due to bills/debts and my limited income. It would be wonderful to be able to go well above and beyond tithe. Here are some things I dream about doing someday when I'm financially free.

1)Carry $100 on me at all times so I can give the waiter/waitress a huge tip if I get really exemplary service.

2)Whenever I go out to eat or get coffee or something, pick one or more people to pay for and cover their bill.

3)Randomly pass out money around Christmas time to whoever suits my fancy.

4)Go on to Modest Needs and help out those people who need it in my community or in certain circumstances the really touch my heart.

5)Sponsor a child or children through a deserving non-profit.

6)Hop on to a sight like World Vision and give a donation to help provide for the basic needs of people around the world. I especially like the gifts that help produce a livelihood or are multiplied many times over. For instance, there is one option where your gift of $500 will be multiplied into providing $7,000 worth of necessities for children right here in the US.

7)Be able to pay off debt for my church.

8)Adopt more families from church at Christmas time.

9)Buying an apartment or house and renting it out really cheap to a family in need, or maybe even letting them live there for free until they get their feet on the ground again.

I'm also pretty excited about the idea of not working full time and being able to volunteer my time instead wherever I feel led.

So that's pretty much it. That's my goal with financial freedom. If you're trying to become financially free as well, what are some of your goals?



I like your second idea. It would be great to go someplace and just tell the cashier, that I will be picking up the tab for the next 3 people in line, and for them to charge my card (but not to tell them that until after they order).

The renting idea is great also, I would use it for those within the church that needed it.

I would not suggest carrying large amounts of money in the form of cash, I personally dont think its wise, tips on a card can be just as large.

I would like to be one of those annonymous people who matches giving. It would be cool to do.

Or go someplace to buy a tv, where people get paid on commission, and ask how much they make on commission. Get picky with them until you get a solid amount, then buy a bunch, donate the goods to whomever.

Lastly, I think it would be a great investment to help people build wealth. Find "normal" people with great ideas, and help them achieve/invent it. Sure I would take a cut, but think of it as another income to give away.


I didn't really think about the issues with carrying cash. It is true you can put just as much on a card. That's a good idea.

I also really like the idea of investing in others to help build wealth. There are actually several places online where you can go to invest in someone's business ideas (prosper is one example,

Thanks for commenting!!


(without going to that site)

Is it anything like penny stocks, as far as chance?

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