Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 Financial Goals

One thing you should know about me is that I'm a very goal oriented individual. I have specific goals for where I want to be professionally, personally, and fiscally at different points in my life. Thankfully, my husband indulges my goal oriented ways and we sat down earlier this week to hash out our financial goals for 2009.

We have a lot of things we want to accomplish. To be honest, I'm not sure we can do it all, but I would rather set my goals high and not reach them or be pleasantly surprised than set my goals low and reach them. That being said, here are our goals for 2009:

  • Pay off our auto loan (our last consumer debt)
  • Install a sliding patio door off our dinning room.
  • Fix our Garage door (it's been broken since we bought the house)
  • Update our Bathroom
  • Update our Kitchen (this does not include new appliances)
  • Partially finish the basement
  • Save 3 months worth of income in our Emergency Fund
  • Completely stick to our budget at least 1 month (we always seem to go over in one or more areas but it evens out cause we are then under in other areas)
  • Increase our net worth to $80K or more
  • Be content with all our financial decisions throughout the year

Like I said, it's a lot to try and accomplish but I'm somewhat bolstered by our accomplishments from 2008. You may notice that a trip to Ireland is not one of the things listed on here. After some discussion my husband and I decided to put that off until later in our lives and focus on fixing up the house. We would like to move in the next couple of years and we both agreed that investing in our house at this point in our lives should be the priority. Maybe a trip to Ireland will make it onto the list in 2010. We'll see.

What about you? Do you come up with yearly financial goals? If so I'd love to hear what others are looking to accomplish in 2009.





Amy, I am so proud of both you and Layne! What a team you are! Very wise for such a young couple. I love you both very much. - Mom2


I dont feel young... I mean, were pushing 30.

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