Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Worth Your Time

I have a pet peeve I must rant about: pennies or small change isnt worth my time.

Here it is, if you can get free money, where do you draw the line on how much time to spend? For me, I will spend time finding coupons, print them out, and take them to the store with me. If your in a rush, and dont feel coupons are worth your time, dont get in line behind me. IF YOU DO, know this, I am not embarrassed to use coupons, and I personally find you less intelligent for not using them.

I also am a member on a few sites where I can earn money, while playing a game. Of course it is based on performance, and the money is generally 10 cents to 50 cents a month, yet it holds possibilities of up to $3000 a month. To me, its worth it.

Is free money worth your time? I am not trying to sell you on something here, but I am curious what you consider worth your time.

Would you spend 5 hours a month, to earn 50 cents, by playing a game you enjoy? At what point do you decide, its not worth it?



Time is money. How people spend there time is what they value and how much time they have will influence their decisions.


"their" not "there"


yea, I frequently re-evaluate how much my time is worth - to figure out if couponing, bargain-hunting, etc would be the best "financial" use of my time...

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