Saturday, November 15, 2008

God Rocks!

So I was checking my email today when I noticed I had an email from my university letting me know my payment was taken out for this month. I have been anticipating this for a while as they broke my payment up over this month and the month of December. However, I was expecting it to be several hundred dollars more than was stated in the email. In fact, they only deducted about $30. Since they have moved to a new payment system this year, and I have experienced several issues with that, I figured it was just another glitch. I logged in to see what was going on, hoping this didn't mean the payment next month would be doubled.

After reviewing the charges and credits to the account something just wasn't adding up. According to the university I only owed them another payment next month of $30. I tend to keep pretty meticulous track of finances so I know I didn't have the original number wrong. So what on Earth happened?!

Then I see it.

There is a credit showing up on the account of several hundred dollars from a memorial scholarship. It was enough to pretty much pay for the rest of the year.

Now, I've already been blessed enough to receive an academic scholarship based on my grades which covers about 25% of my costs. In addition to that, my work covers another 50%. So the fact that I'm getting 75% of my school paid for was already pretty exciting to me. This has enabled me to go back to school without needing to take out any loans. God decided to hook me up even more though because he's just cool like that. He really is the only explanation for this. I never applied for this scholarship. I had never even HEARD of it before! So when all is said and done, this scholarship basically pays for the other 25% of my tuition.

That's right, this semester I'm going to school at a private university for the low price of about $60. That brings me to the title of this post.

God Rocks!



First I see the link to Dave Ramsey at the top of the page. Then I read that you are able to go to school without taking out any loans.

Dave would be so proud! :P


@ Timm

:) Thanks! It's really all due to God's grace that I'm able to do that. I also just found out that the surprise scholarship is being renewed for next year so that will pretty much pay for my college for next year. I just have to keep my grades up. Yay!!

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