Friday, June 5, 2009

2nd Quarter Update

And just like that, we're half way through the year! Things seem to go by faster the older I get.

If you remember from our previous post, 2009 Financial Goals, our goals for the year are:

  • Pay off our auto loan (our last consumer debt)
  • Install a sliding patio door off our dinning room.
  • Fix our Garage door (it's been broken since we bought the house)
  • Update our Bathroom
  • Update our Kitchen (This does not include new appliances, although now might include a microwave, keep reading for an explanation.)
  • Partially finish the basement
  • Save 3 months worth of income in our Emergency Fund
  • Completely stick to our budget at least 1 month (We always seem to go over in one or more areas but it evens out because we are then under in other areas.)
  • Increase our net worth to $80K or more
  • Be content with all our financial decisions throughout the year
At our last update, the 1st of the year we had met 2 of our goals:
  • Completely stick to our budget at least 1 month
  • Increase our net worth to $80K or more
I am happy to say that we have met 1 more goal for the year and are close to a couple more. So guess what?

WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!!! ::insert yelling like on Dave Ramsey's show::

It is official as of yesterday, the auto loan has been paid off and we are now debt free outside of our mortgage. So we can check that goal off:
  • Pay off our auto loan (our last consumer debt)
And that means we're going to be saving up next for the patio door and an elliptical. I know the elliptical wasn't on our original list but we've been trying to become more healthy lately and our elliptical is on its last legs. It has been since we got it really. We picked it up for free on the side of the road and my husband fixed it up a bit so it would work. I think it has served its purpose and is ready to move on soon.

It was such a nice feeling to pay off our debt last night. God has been so good to us, it's really amazing. It has been hard work to pay everything off but it's very well worth it. And it's not like we've really been depriving ourselves of that much, we've just changed our taste a bit.

Instead of going to Barns and Noble and spending $75 on books we go to the library now. Instead of going to the movies, we rent DVDs or just watch the ones we already own. Instead of going out on date nights at restaurants we grill out at home and play a board game. It's really been beneficial I think to help us enjoy the little things in life.

Well, that being said, we're going to allow our selves a bit of splurging by getting a patio door for the house and a couple of other things. I shall be posting some other follow up news about school and stuff in the next few days (I think). So stay tuned for that.

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I would make a note about buying a new (to us) elliptical: First and foremost, we have made sure that we will be using it, living an active lifestyle for over a month before we considered buying another one.

Also, since living a more active lifestyle, we have watched little to no tv. In fact, we unplugged it.


I am SO proud of you and Layne, Amy! Wow! In this day of financial meltdown, to achieve what you have done is amazing, inspiring, and glorifies God and His Word. It's wonderful that you now have a weight lifted off your shoulders, and have freedom others are struggling to earn.

I have been so impressed with yours and Layne's self discipline in many areas of your lives, like getting physically fit and working toward a healthier lifestyle. It's a rare and refreshing maturity, and wonderful that you are committed to it as a couple.

I know God will continue to bless you for your faithfulness. You make Him smile. Love to you both, Mom2

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